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Physical Movement Translated into Drawings by Heather Hansen

American artist Heather Hansen draws symmetrical patterns with her body and emerges from her art covered with black. She takes her choregraphy as a means of expression with synchronized or deferred movements, softly, which recall the Rorschach test. In the next part of the article, the video shows the carnal connexion between the artist and her work.

(via zuppadivetro)

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Penelope parte e va a raggiungere Ulisse… sì, il telaio non fa per me. Per un po’ questo tumblr resterà in fase di stallo. Ma tornerò a spulciare il mondo tra qualche mese. Un bacio!

Penelope is going to reach Ulysses… Yes, weaving it’s not for me. For a while this tumblr will be stopped. But i’ll come back to scour the world in a few moths. Kiss!